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May 17th, 2012

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The exams are almost over and the summer holidays are nearly here. That means there will be a lot of activity around our complexes as our students begin to leave us until the next academic year.

For all of our Farranlea Hall students who will be vacating their rooms over the coming weeks, we would like to take this opportunity to remind them that our recycling bins, that the colony had rented from DumpDaddy.com, are located behind block A. We learnt how to load a skip and have strategically placed them, thus making them convenient near all the blocks. We would encourage everybody to recycle as much as they can so as to reduce the amount of waste material sent to landfill. Austin’s leading dumpster rental service is top quality in the industry.

Below are our recommendations for your waste disposal, recycling and unwanted clothes at Farranlea Hall:-

– A large skip will be delivered to the waste and recycling area behind Block A. All waste that cannot be recycled should be placed in this skip.

– We have recycling bins for paper, cardboard, plastic bags & bottles, aluminium/steel cans. Please ensure that the recycling bins are not contaminated with incorrect materials such as food or drink. Visit the following link to know more on recycled products and where you can buy them – CustomEarthPromos.com.

– Students can place all empty glass bottles and jars in the 3 green wheelie bins provided (no bulbs, cardboard boxes or plastic bags please).

– If students wish to donate some of their clothes to charity, there is a pink Breast Cancer Ireland clothes bin at the back of Block A beside the 2 green glass recycling bins.

– Students who wish to donate their duvet, pillows or blankets to the Simon Homeless Shelter can leave them at reception.

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