The Spires Terms & Conditions

  1. Please note that the Online Booking Application is not a lease agreement. College Accommodation Cork, acting through its Management, reserves the right to decline a booking.
  2. You will receive an automatic reply on completion of the Online Booking Application.
  3. If your booking is accepted, you will receive an email containing our payment details. If the Booking/Security Deposit has not been received within the allotted time, your room will be automatically released. Please add to your safe senders list to ensure you receive our emails.
  4. Bookings are only accepted for the entire occupancy period:
    Academic Year 2021/22: Friday, 27th August 2021 – Friday, 27th May 2022.
    However, we do have some early start rooms available. Please contact us if you wish to check-in prior to the start date above.
    NB: The Booking/Security Deposit will not be refunded if a student vacates his/her room before the period of residence is complete. Rent and Utilities payments can only be refunded if and from when the room is re-sold.
  5. Booking Cancellation Policy: A cancellation charge of €100.00 applies up to 23rd July 2021. After this date the full Deposit is non-refundable; all cancellations must be made in writing or by email.
  6. A “Licence to Reside” will be emailed to you prior to check in. This licence must be signed and presented at check-in along with a photocopy of a valid ID (Passport, Driving Licence, College ID or Garda Age Card). The outstanding rental charge and utilities advance must be received by:
    – 24th August 2021 for First Year Students
    – 23rd July 2021 for Non-First Year Students
    If payment has not been received by these dates, management reserves the right to invalidate an application immediately and without prior notice.
  7. There is no extra charge if a Student wishes to pay our accommodation fees in 2 instalments. After the Booking/Security Deposit is paid, the payment due dates and amounts for 2 instalments are as follows:

    First Year Single En-suite Room
    – 1st Instalment of €4,570.00 due by 24th August 2021
    – 2nd Instalment of €3,050.00 due by 3rd December 2021

    First Year Double En-suite Room
    – 1st Instalment: €4,800.00 due by 24th August 2021
    – 2nd Instalment: €3,210.00 due by 3rd December 2021

    Non-First Year Single En-suite Room
    – 1st Instalment of €4,570.00 due by 23rd July 2021
    – 2nd Instalment of €3,050.00 due by 3rd December 2021

    Non-First Year Double En-suite Room
    – 1st Instalment: €4,800.00 due by 23rd July 2021
    – 2nd Instalment: €3,210.00 due by 3rd December 2021

    All payments must be made by Irish Cheque, Irish Bank Draft or Wire Transfer in Euro to Carmel Ryan. Cash is only accepted at Reception.

  8. The Utilities Advance for the Academic Year 2021/22 of €600.00 is broken down into a fixed charge of €300.00 for Refuse, Recycling & Glass Disposal and the TV Licence with the remaining €300.00 used to cover Electricity Charges for the year at our current provider’s rates. If a Student uses more than €300.00 worth of Electricity during his/her stay, Management reserves the right to make up the shortfall from the Student’s Security Deposit. Otherwise, Management will refund any Electricity Advance left over after check-out with the Security Deposit due.
  9. The basement car park at The Spires is secure and private; however parking is entirely at the owner’s risk. Car parking is not included in the Rent. Spaces are limited and offered on a first come first served basis. If you require a car space, please contact Reception.
  10. There are a number of bike stands at The Spires located in our secure car park; however bikes are left in our car park entirely at the owner’s risk.
  11. Completion of the Online Booking Application does not guarantee you a room at The Spires. Whilst every effort will be made to provide you with your accommodation preference, this is not always possible. No guarantee can be given on room type, location, apartment or fellow residents. If The Spires is fully booked, we will endeavour to place you in one of our other complexes.
  12. You agree that all the information given on the Online Booking Application is correct and valid.

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